The Center of Anna Maria is looking for individuals interested in helping at “the community’s gathering place”. We are are looking for people to help with coaching, tutoring, events, and welcoming guests at the front desk and more.

Amy Talucci, The Director of First Impressions, will be holding Volunteer Orientation meetings the first Thursday of every month at both noon and 6pm.

Why volunteer at The Center?
1. It’s fun!
2. You can help make an impact on the lives of children, seniors, and your community.
3. There is something for everyone (be a coach, tutor, mentor, help at events and more)
4. Be a part of an amazing team and make new friends!
5. Learn something new or teach someone else something new!
Interested in sharing your talent and helping out others?

Join as at the orientation to learn all about The Center and how you can help make a difference. The Center is located at 407 Magnolia Avenue on Anna Maria. For more information or if interested in volunteering please contact or (941) 778-1908.